Friday Banger 2/2 - Kim Possible

"Christina Milian's masterpiece, 'Call Me, Beep Me' is the soundtrack to a generation. Written for 'Kim Possible' in 2002, it deftly captured the terrifying uncertainty of the time. Teens cried out, 'We all have beepers, but cell phones are becoming ubiquitous; what means of communication will I use in this confusing era?' Christina responded with a resounding: 'Both'." *

*An excerpt from "Kim Possible: A Retrospective," by Andrew Eric Davison, 2018, #FridayBanger Press

Andy went to the Funko headquarters

Okay so I went to the Funko headquarters today and let's be real there was NO WAY I could leave without buying Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. And NO WAY I wasn't going to own Arnold and Helga. And they even had Deku and Uravity so like there's NO WAY I couldn't buy them

Does anyone even read this part of the site? Does anyone even go here?

I had a good day and spent $65 dollars on toys and then posed them on top of all the comics I brought to my dressing room and


Hahah I'm a monster


Friday Banger 12/29 - The Biskitts

For this week's Friday Banger, Andy wants us to consider the investment potential in 1983's "The Biskitts."

"Worried about your financial future? Take advantage of this opportunity today, and entrust all of your treasure to a strange species of tiny intelligent dogs, small enough to ride frogs as transportation, who live in a swamp and are apparently impossible to find."

Saturday Friday Banger 12/16 - Rude Dog and the Dweebs

Whoa look it's a special Saturday Friday Banger! It's getting posted today, instead of yesterday, is what's special about it. On purpose, not a mistake. Definitely not because I was up too late on Thursday night seeing Star Wars and forgot.

This week Kyle has chosen "Rude Dog and the Dweebs" (1989), a show he says was "truly the peak of the cool 'tude movement."