RE-RELEASE: Beverly Hills Teens (w/Amalia Larson)


2019 RE-RELEASE EDITION. Rory’s out once again with the Boatman’s Lung and to celebrate, here’s a classic episode from the archives that goes a li’l something a-like a-this:

Special guest Amalia “Bohemian Garage Party” Larson helps us navigate the lawless world of 1987’s Beverly Hills Teens. You won’t even notice Rory’s out with a mild-to-moderate Boatman’s Lung!

This week on Saturday Morning Tuesdays:
Song or Not Song? The Problematic Adventures of Chester McTech Ol’ Dusties ensure the horse laugh is on us Pizza contest logistics shatter our tender brains Reagan Baybeeee

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  • Beverly Hills Teens - Episode 1, "Double Surfing Double Cross"

  • Beverly Hills Teens - Episode 25, "Ghost Story"

  • Beverly Hills Teens - Episode 39, "Hold the Anchovies"

The Boys: Andrew Eric Davison (Seattle), Austin Bridges (Portland), Rory Voie (Taipei)
Fabulous Guest: Amalia Larson (Seattle)

Audio Production: Kyle Levien (Seattle)