Mummy Stuff Part IV - Tomb Many Mummies


For the final ‘sode of our current arc, we shotgun FIVE BEERS (episodes) of Olde Mummy Lager (television) in search of the Yummiest Mummy. Will the Curse shrivel us into Grandpa Raisins?

This week on Saturday Morning Tuesdays:
Evy trashes multiple castles yet gets promoted constantly Somehow we missed out saying the phrase “skelekinesis” Lord Dracool makes a guest appearance in our mummy special Race Bannon is a nonstop murder truck A Stretch Armstrong mummy steals a hat and our hearts Looks like it’s curtains for Jeff Brendan ‘Frazer’, or Brendan ‘Frazhur’? Survey says: you don't care


  • The Mummy - Episode 1, "The Summoning"

  • Monster Force - Episode 6, "He Walks Again"

  • The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest - Episode 27, "The Mummies of Malenque"

  • Men In Black: The Series - Episode 37, "The I Want My Mummy Syndrome"

  • Spider-Woman - Episode 1, "Pyramids of Terror"

The Boys: Andrew Eric Davison (Seattle), Austin Bridges (Portland), Rory Voie (Taipei)
Audio Production: Andrew Eric Davison (Seattle)