Episode 3 - Insatiable Thirst for Kisses


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Once in a while, a podcast comes along that can change your life. If you find one, send me a link, because I'm looking for new podcasts to listen to.

Today, we are overcome with that third episode swag. Two points define a line, but three roughly collinear points define a trend, so some might even say we are on trend. Items of note this episode: Matt's main-character-worthy brotherly love, Bronto Thunder's Seinfeldosaurus-worthy observational comedy, and Robotnik's Mystique-worthy doppelgangers that instantly go sexy. Not to mention the premiere of a new segment that will surely be loved by everyone for all time.

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  • Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) - Episode 3 (Aired Episode 2) - “Sonic and Sally”
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The Boys: Andrew Eric Davison (Seattle), Austin Bridges (Portland), Rory Voie (Taipei)
The Dad (Audio Production): Kyle Levien (Seattle)