Fish Police Part III - You Can Get A Juice, Baby (w/Amalia Larson)


Listen up, guppies: We’re back underwater again for the tail end of our regrettable Fish Police run with the far-less-regrettable Amalia “Norway Or The Fjordway“ Larson. Shout-outs to @MeganMullally and her big break on CBS prime time!

This week on Saturday Morning Tuesdays:
It’s an all-singing, all-dancing, all-’malia cabaret episode We talk way too much about mouse balls, and not the kind for computers Who among us hasn’t given a charity blowj or two Let’s Learn Norwegian! We discover the most cutting coffee putdowns you can shake twelve sugars at


  • Fish Police - Episode 5, "The Two Gils"

  • Fish Police - Episode 6, "No Way to Treat a Fillet-dy"

The Boys: Andrew Eric Davison (Seattle), Austin Bridges (Portland), Rory Voie (Taipei)
Fabulous Guest: Amalia Larson (Seattle)

Audio Production: Andrew Eric Davison (Seattle)