Over the Garden Wall Part I - Dawn of the Planet of the Anime Cat


When the pumpkins come out to play and the breeze is as crisp as the leaves, there’s only one thing we could think to watch: Over the Garden Wall. Join us throughout October as we wander into the Unknown, which is just what we call watching a really good show for once.

This week on Saturday Morning Tuesdays:
Don’t forget to water your whispers All three of us earned an A in English 101, yet the professor thinks we’re a little pretentious so we get an A- Rory tries to spoil the show for our listeners, so Andy the Editing Hero bleeps his mischief There was an awful turkey Nick Cannon, teen tastemaker and Wretched King of Slime, walks the earth until another is chosen

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  • Over the Garden Wall - Episode 1, "The Old Grist Mill"

  • Over the Garden Wall - Episode 2, "Hard Times at the Huskin’ Bee"

The Boys: Andrew Eric Davison (Seattle), Austin Bridges (Portland), Rory Voie (Seattle!?)
Audio Production: Andrew Eric Davison (Seattle)